2 days in Polsri

6 Septembe 2010, All students come back again to campus (POLSRI). Bussiness administration is ones programs study in POLSRI, all students go to study. now, My class in 3 NA. first day, we meet our PA, she is Mrs. Dewi Fadilla, she teach Perbankan lesson. and than in that day, we meet Mr Pridson Mandiangan, he teach Mc Excel Lesson, he give some material about Mc Excel. and he say to our that we must study hard. After that we meet Mom Umma, she teach secretary lesson. she give our some material to ready study after holiday. in tuesday, we meet Mr Pridson again, and Mr Nadjamudin. he is English teacher. he said that 3 strategi to be a master speakers english..
1. Extensive Reading
2. Writing a Journal
3. Sharing with a Bule
finally we met mom Trisilowati, she teach Etika Profesi Teacher, we are instructioned by her to smile and make a person to be happy and we must bring a book in her lesson “don’t mix with other lesson”


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